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A terrible sad Xmas story by Thomas Pichler (4a)

Weihnachten ist schon lange vorbei, aber was bleibt sind schöne Erinnerungen und vielleicht auch schöne Geschichten, schön verrückt - so wie diese von Thomas aus der 4a Klasse, die er sich ganz alleine erdacht und geschrieben hat.


A weird Christmas story

Has it ever occurred to you, that the story behind Christmas might not be about love and peace at all?

Have you ever thought about the most ancient and popular story in the world as a horror story?

Do you like weird Christmas stories? – Then read this extraordinary thrilling tale by Thomas Pichler!

In December our 4th classes were supposed to write strange or funny stories about Christmas this

Of all the fantastic tales, Thomas` story turned out to be the most disturbing one.

So- if you´re a fan of traditional Christmas, be warned – the following lines might change your

romantic believes forever!  E. Malischnik




Have you ever wondered how Santa gets all the presents for free and delivered in time? Well let me tell you about his inner human desire about power:

Before the humans arrived there were many Elves, magical creatures which were only 30 cm tall. They didn´t age because of a magical stone they called Rögan. This stone makes the one who owns it, resistant to aging.

It was in a mountain in Norway. As the Elves saw how the monkeys came down from the trees they knew that their time as the leaders of the world had arrived. They all grouped up in a cave where Rögan was located and closed the cave waiting for the humans to find them. Millions of years later a gold digger named Santa Clause accidentally found the entrance to the cave. As the Elves saw that a human being had found their cave, they were impressed how the evolution made the humans grow and get smarter. Full of happiness they gave Santa a present to represent peace between the two races.

The gold digger Santa took the present thankfully and followed the Elves as they showed him their cave. But when they showed him their stone, Santa was so attracted by it that it made him become greedy.

Greed - a strong feeling he never had experienced before. When the Elves wanted to go on with the tour Santa didn´t respond, he just stared at the stone Rögan and gave no answer to the Elves. When they wanted to push him forward he punched all the Elves around him and ran towards the stone. The Elves tried to catch him but he was too fast for them and when he was behind the stone he grabbed the rocks around him and threw them at the Elves. As the leader of the Elves saw that some Elves were already bleeding, he told them to kill Santa Clause, but Santa grabbed the stone and tried to run out of the cave. But the Elves made him trip and he broke the stone. At this moment a big light appeared and cursed Santa with an endless duty to give presents to the kids that behaved well and pieces of coal to the ones that were naughty over the year -until the end of time.

The Elves were also cursed to be slaves of mankind and make them presents, because they had wanted to kill Santa.

The reason why they never run out of material is because they get them straight out of the Underworld.

So always remember the terrible story behind it, when you open a Christmas present!    Thomas Pichler