Sport und Kultur Eben im Pongau 3abc

This is a summary of our 2019 school trip. 3a, 3b and 3c went with Mrs Hampton, Mrs Schlögl, Mrs Unger, Mrs Moser, Mr Grünwald and Mr Strahlhofer and I think it was the best week we have ever had at this school. by Fabian Loder

































On Monday, 24th June, all three classes met at the train station in Weiz. We were all very excited because we were travelling to the region of Salzburg. We travelled by bus but it wasn’t a normal bus, it was a double decker coach. After about four hours, we arrived at our destination. We stayed in a youth hotel called “Lindenhof”.


The food in our hotel was very good and it was clean too. Everything about it was cool.

On Monday afternoon we went to a lake near our hotel. I thought it was a bit boring because we were there for so long but the others thought it was good.

On Tuesday we went to Salzburg and visited the city. We saw the famous “Getreidegasse” and the river Salzach. Some boys and girls also went to a café called Starbucks. After walking around the city, we went to a museum called “Haus der Natur”. In my opinion it was cool but we were there for too long.

We then went to Hellbrunn Castle and had a guided tour of the trick fountains where there were many wet surprises for us. It was good fun.


My favourite day was Wednesday because we could sleep for longer and because we visited the ice caves in Werfen. One fun thing was going up the mountain in a cable car. The cave was really cold and we had to climb 1,400 steps in it. We also learnt about the history of the cave.

We returned to Werfen on Thursday and visited the castle on the hill. We had booked a tour and it was a bit stressful getting there on time in the heat.


After the trip to the castle we went back to Eben in Pongau and could choose what we did for the afternoon. Some of our group went swimming, a few went cycling and most of us stayed and played at the hotel. In the evening we had a disco. We weren’t looking forward to it at first but it was lots of fun. After that we packed our bags and went to bed.


Friday was the last day of our outdoor week and we travelled home in the bus. We sang songs and played games during the journey.